Bah humbug

I’ve taken my bucket and spade and gone home ….

See pics … fuck off and leave me alone

Fking Cat !!

Riddle me this … in the front of the apartment there is this yard of concrete.
I have no cat 🐈 here …. I have seen no cats here …. whose fking cat is shitting each day in my front yard !!!
Mav have you emailed your Spanish brother to say I’m here !!!!

Wind and waves

The forecast said 18–25 and that’s what we got . The good thing about our course is that is 2-3 miles from land so we get the waves. Which is cool .
But FFS do you think I could buy a start at this regatta … nah . But race 1 I was able to escape right which I thought would be favoured and it was… she was on at the top mark as guy rolled in to windward at the bearaway mark … dodging upside down boats at marks became a regular hazard today. Sending it down the waves was fun and even when you had a bit on with the odd big roller wave it was all controllable . The beats upwind were a grind out and in a classic hull vs fantasticas there is little fun to be had as you can’t do anything about their speed edge in those conditions. But I ground out the day .
Contradiction time – race 2 , 1st downwind I caught a 25-30 knt gust and flew off this monster wave … not a lot of control there just kept it upright as it landed in the trough of the wave then it buried the nose in the next wave … faark I said .
Race 2 went the wrong side ( right ) of the first best and was up against it then .
Master slug out today between Marc , Maire and self with honours possible shared .
48th and 60 th to leave me 53rd.
Much better day for Andy and Josh with Andy winning race 2 and both top ten today . Andy up to 4th now with a very solid regatta .

Early start today had us back on shore about 2pm so time to sit in the sun and have Miguel bring me a beer .. then it might be nap time

Day 2

Well hasn’t been a great start as I sit here in my wet gear waiting for the postponement flag to come down. Was sitting in the sunbut even that’s disappeared 👻!!! Woke up to a toothache … right i said time to sort that shit out …down early to the boat and dump my gear and off to fine a local denist. Walk in and they say sure wait 10 mins . In I’m ushered to the murder house as we used to call it as kids . Juan says si si I fix …. has all the latest gear and X-rays .. root canal he says … fk I say there’s an hour and a million euros done i think .. nope …15 mins and 100 euro and we are done . Juan you are a legend … he says that I might need some pain killers later … I assured him that a FinnMaster is a walk chemist !!!

Ahh the sun has come out and the postponement flag is still up … might be siesta time … baguettes here are good but nothing like the La Rochelle ones Karl and Dave .

Post sailing continuation •

Waahhh … what a cluster fk !!! Went out expecting 10-14 knots and got 3-6 in both races …. so had the wrong sail up so had no height or speed up wind – Santa Maria !
54 and 58 to drop 13 places to 53rd

We were out on the water for 6 hours for 2 x 50 min races … the happiest part of the day was the tow back with the boys … got back to the dock at 630 pm … and we have a 11am start tomorrow.

Should have read the signs with the root canal and gone back to 🛏

Fk a duck 🦆