Still no wind…

Spent 4 hours afloat yesterday which was the first scheduled race day. Breeze would fill in at 5 or so knots but never lasted more than 10 minutes, the committee never got as far as laying a race course. Highlight of the day was the beer party and Hans from the Netherlands tripping over in front of a crowd of 300 whilst running up to the stage with Merran on his shoulders. He told her to come back next year 10kgs lighter.

Just had the weather briefing for day 2 (today). Some chance of 5 to 8 knots between 1pm and 4pm but still quite a bit of uncertainty.

Now tomorrow looks like reasonable breeze (why is it always “tomorrow”??!). However the Finn class agm is scheduled then so there is only meant to be one race. Rc have amended the SI’s to allow for 2 races tomorrow given that we’re behind, but as yet won’t allow 3 races tomorrow. If today doesn’t work out expect they’ll come under pressure on that one.

Most frustrating thing is that models are now consistently showing 15 to 20 knots for saturday, the day after the contest ends…

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