Practice race today…

Yesterday was an action replay of the previous day, no wind whatsoever in the morning, then just enough wind early afternoon to coax us out of the marina for some “training”, only for it to crap out to nothing as soon as we got out there. The Kiwi team dinner last night was the highlight of the day, a very authentic Spanish restaurant and quite a late night.

Today we had the briefing and practice race. After two hours drifting around in circles a nice breeze of 8 to 10 knots filled in for just enough time to enable the race committee to set a course. They got into a start sequence then with circa one minute to go it shifted 50 odd degrees and died to more or less nothing. Practice race abandoned and that was it. We had the welcoming ceremony thing this evening then went for dinner with Ben and nick winters and family, another good night out.

Tomorrow looks fairly hopeless with little prospect of wind. However the local meteorological guy reckons Tuesday is a 15 knot system breeze i.e. not relying on the local effects that have so far failed to deliver. I will believe it when I see It…

Hoping the rc are not tempted to run a crapshoot tomorrow and we get a decent workout and 3 races tuesday, I wouldn’t bet on it at this stage though!!

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