Again no wind…

We got in 3 races yesterday in a fairly stable breeze of ~ 6 to 9 knots. Little guys pretty quick in that stuff. Results all over the place for most of the kiwis, biggest factor seemed to be whether you escaped the startline cluster with a lane or not.

It’s now 5.20pm on day 4 and we’ve been waiting ashore all day for wind, still under postponement flag and they seem reluctant to abandon the day.

Need 1 more race for a series and 2 to get a drop. Word is that the medal race will be canned in favour of 2 fleet races tomorrow, when there is expected to be very good breeze, possibly above the wind limit….that is assuming we don’t race by torchlight this evening.

Roll on tomorrow, we may yet have one day of decent breeze!

Could This Be the Highlight

With no wind for a second day the Finn World Masters organised beach racing. Our very own Mark Perrow won his classification.

Could this be the highlight of the week?.

Still no wind…

Spent 4 hours afloat yesterday which was the first scheduled race day. Breeze would fill in at 5 or so knots but never lasted more than 10 minutes, the committee never got as far as laying a race course. Highlight of the day was the beer party and Hans from the Netherlands tripping over in front of a crowd of 300 whilst running up to the stage with Merran on his shoulders. He told her to come back next year 10kgs lighter.

Just had the weather briefing for day 2 (today). Some chance of 5 to 8 knots between 1pm and 4pm but still quite a bit of uncertainty.

Now tomorrow looks like reasonable breeze (why is it always “tomorrow”??!). However the Finn class agm is scheduled then so there is only meant to be one race. Rc have amended the SI’s to allow for 2 races tomorrow given that we’re behind, but as yet won’t allow 3 races tomorrow. If today doesn’t work out expect they’ll come under pressure on that one.

Most frustrating thing is that models are now consistently showing 15 to 20 knots for saturday, the day after the contest ends…

Practice race today…

Yesterday was an action replay of the previous day, no wind whatsoever in the morning, then just enough wind early afternoon to coax us out of the marina for some “training”, only for it to crap out to nothing as soon as we got out there. The Kiwi team dinner last night was the highlight of the day, a very authentic Spanish restaurant and quite a late night.

Today we had the briefing and practice race. After two hours drifting around in circles a nice breeze of 8 to 10 knots filled in for just enough time to enable the race committee to set a course. They got into a start sequence then with circa one minute to go it shifted 50 odd degrees and died to more or less nothing. Practice race abandoned and that was it. We had the welcoming ceremony thing this evening then went for dinner with Ben and nick winters and family, another good night out.

Tomorrow looks fairly hopeless with little prospect of wind. However the local meteorological guy reckons Tuesday is a 15 knot system breeze i.e. not relying on the local effects that have so far failed to deliver. I will believe it when I see It…

Hoping the rc are not tempted to run a crapshoot tomorrow and we get a decent workout and 3 races tuesday, I wouldn’t bet on it at this stage though!!

Nice place for waterskiing….

….or maybe for fishing…..but as yet not for sailing. I knew from the outset this was likely to be a light weather contest, and if we get a contest at all that’s certainly what it will be!

Merran and I arrived in El Balis early yesterday after a night in Barcelona doing the tourist thing. Balis is a nice part of Spain, lovely beaches, good food, cheap beer and wine, just no bloody wind.

My Charter boat arrived just after we did and seems fine I think, a 2013 classic with all the bells and whistles. Spent yesterday afternoon sorting out the boat as there was zero wind, then had dinner with one of the Aussie guys and his family which was nice.

Today bugger all wind again, it peaked late morning at maybe 6 or 7 knots and just softened from that point onwards. Registration and measurement kicked off today, which for most of the fleet meant getting sails measured and nothing more. However I was one of the “random” 10 boats selected out of 350 for full measurement which I wasn’t thrilled about. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise though as it only took 30 minutes and it meant that I went straight to the front of the 3 hour queue for sail measurement.

Then I got out for my first sail late this afternoon, it really was average sailing sitting on the traveller the whole time never even close to making the side deck and the breeze varying between 0 and 5 knots with 90 degree shifts.

Tomorrow is another training day in theory, then the practice race is Sunday and the regatta kicks off Monday. Weather models for the week are not too encouraging at this point, There are a couple of days with perhaps some wind but most of the week looks like a drifter, the photo below from my hotel window says it all. Have lost all faith in PredictWind for this venue, at various time all of their models have shown decent breeze here and it has never materialised, back to looking at wind guru now. Think the problem is we’re just not getting the anticipated heat in the daytime.