Let’s do the Math

One thing I’ve learned doing Full time MBA is logistics and yield ratio.

So just because I’m sitting in Zagreb by myself drinking $5 Heineken I thought I would run some numbers .

Sailing – did the 9 race Masters regatta on the 2-4 March Auckland , did the South Islands in Chch 12/13 March for 6 races , Nationals 15-17 chch for 9 races , ( 5 days of training in Palma 26-30 March) , Troefeo Princess Sofia regatta 2-6 April for 10 races .

So let’s summarise

36 days
18 days of sailing
6 days of travelling
17980 km of travel
34 races
1 Paella
2 trips to the dentist
3 massages
60 Voltaren
More $ than I care to admit to

Ahhh I love it

Spoken enough of the sailing on this trip … let’s finish with the Best of …

best days sailing- day 3 at Palma . Big wind and waves

Best hotel – hotel best price Diagonal – Barcelona. Bed was amazing , staff too

Friendliest hotel staff – as above

Best meal – last night in Tel Aviv – where the locals eat

Best flight – none they are all shithouse in some way .. can’t wait for air nz Singapore- Auckland with my sky couch

Hotest hotel receptionist ( female for clarity ) – Sheraton Zagreb

Restaurant for service – Q Lounge in Palma

Best beer – Panonska APA I. Zagreb

Best coffee – flat white at Ataturk airport

Now the fun part … the worst of

Hotel – Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv – looked like Beirut . Staff were shit and a million dollars for a beer ( even thou I wasn’t paying )

Attitude of a sailor – Jake Lilley Australia. Rafa was about to buy him some tampons he was acting like such a girl with PMS.. Heiner was a close 2nd

Country – Israel … it’s just shit and costs a fortune for anything it just needs to be nuked

Runner up – turkey

Worst airline – Ryan or Turkish .. take your pick

Beer – some crap I drank in Palma ( st Miguel I think )

Coffee – Arnel Yacht club

Restaurant service – as above

Sailing teams attitude – NZL ( as a whole ) / GBR ( just c&@ts ) but the Aussies except Jake were bloody good as were the locals .

Spanish service shops ( bike rentals etc ) there to rape you .

People – Israelites… sorry 😐 but they ain’t great for many reasons… mainly arrogance and self righteousness

Well that’s it – I’m 3 beers in now so will sign off before I really start winding up !

See you back in NZ


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