Let’s do the Math

One thing I’ve learned doing Full time MBA is logistics and yield ratio.

So just because I’m sitting in Zagreb by myself drinking $5 Heineken I thought I would run some numbers .

Sailing – did the 9 race Masters regatta on the 2-4 March Auckland , did the South Islands in Chch 12/13 March for 6 races , Nationals 15-17 chch for 9 races , ( 5 days of training in Palma 26-30 March) , Troefeo Princess Sofia regatta 2-6 April for 10 races .

So let’s summarise

36 days
18 days of sailing
6 days of travelling
17980 km of travel
34 races
1 Paella
2 trips to the dentist
3 massages
60 Voltaren
More $ than I care to admit to

Ahhh I love it

Spoken enough of the sailing on this trip … let’s finish with the Best of …

best days sailing- day 3 at Palma . Big wind and waves

Best hotel – hotel best price Diagonal – Barcelona. Bed was amazing , staff too

Friendliest hotel staff – as above

Best meal – last night in Tel Aviv – where the locals eat

Best flight – none they are all shithouse in some way .. can’t wait for air nz Singapore- Auckland with my sky couch

Hotest hotel receptionist ( female for clarity ) – Sheraton Zagreb

Restaurant for service – Q Lounge in Palma

Best beer – Panonska APA I. Zagreb

Best coffee – flat white at Ataturk airport

Now the fun part … the worst of

Hotel – Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv – looked like Beirut . Staff were shit and a million dollars for a beer ( even thou I wasn’t paying )

Attitude of a sailor – Jake Lilley Australia. Rafa was about to buy him some tampons he was acting like such a girl with PMS.. Heiner was a close 2nd

Country – Israel … it’s just shit and costs a fortune for anything it just needs to be nuked

Runner up – turkey

Worst airline – Ryan or Turkish .. take your pick

Beer – some crap I drank in Palma ( st Miguel I think )

Coffee – Arnel Yacht club

Restaurant service – as above

Sailing teams attitude – NZL ( as a whole ) / GBR ( just c&@ts ) but the Aussies except Jake were bloody good as were the locals .

Spanish service shops ( bike rentals etc ) there to rape you .

People – Israelites… sorry 😐 but they ain’t great for many reasons… mainly arrogance and self righteousness

Well that’s it – I’m 3 beers in now so will sign off before I really start winding up !

See you back in NZ


Mermaids and Kebabs

The last day of the regatta turned into a on shore ( over the land wind ) so after sailing 3 miles downwind to the course … the wind disappeared.. floated about for an hour .. a abandoned start or 2 .. breeze came in at 10 knots and we were away .. finally got a decent start at the pin .. worked the left and approaching the top mark would have been in the top 20… got my lane into the top mark all wrong and had to gybe around … say goodbye to 20 places . Got whacked by a mermaid ( sailing term for being on the wrong side of a 30. Deg windshift ) … sigh

Race 2 – again good start at the pin – rolled over to come back centre left with the leaders …. boom mermaid again ( I came half way around the world to sail in Waiuku conditions) and we were taking the great circle route to the top mark while the fleet on our left lifts to the top mark … oh well pumping flag is up so I take a weeks frustration out on the boat ….. another average result .
So Brendan and I then start the 75 minute beat back to shore in a freezing wind with no sun.. as we watched the coach boats wiz by towing the posers back to shore … haven’t been that cold in years …. sub optimal is how Brendan and i Described the lack of love shown. I preferred to code it as

A few beers and some nuclear waste that Micheal the Slovakian called wine that his dad makes , later I was appropriately warm and had the compulsory kebab on the way home to the digs .

Tip to finnsailors – if you feeling suddenly slow and losing height then look under your boat and check your keel strip hasn’t come off during launching …. Jesus I said today as I noticed . Learnings include confirming the boat you going to get before you pay the money … assumptions are the mother of all fk ups.

So off to Barcelona and the work part of the trip starts , off to Tel Avi and then Zagreb . Looking forward to interesting stuff on this leg.

Had some great chats with some of the masters here including Marc from France and the Finnish guys , all keen to host a kiwi team prior to the World Masters in Denmark in May 2018 … planning to do boys .

The Gold Cup is likely in Palma in 2020 … the big winds and waves we saw on Weds is the norm later in the season. Won’t be for me as the Melbourne Gold Cup in dec 2019 easier . However Palma is a great place to sail especially in a sea breeze , it’s cheap once you are here . If you can get your head around the gypses and Sudanese trying to steal, beg or rig you off and the fact that the average Spaniard is out to take you for a ride … then it’s good lol

Looking forward to getting home

Bah humbug

I’ve taken my bucket and spade and gone home ….

See pics … fuck off and leave me alone

Fking Cat !!

Riddle me this … in the front of the apartment there is this yard of concrete.
I have no cat 🐈 here …. I have seen no cats here …. whose fking cat is shitting each day in my front yard !!!
Mav have you emailed your Spanish brother to say I’m here !!!!

Wind and waves

The forecast said 18–25 and that’s what we got . The good thing about our course is that is 2-3 miles from land so we get the waves. Which is cool .
But FFS do you think I could buy a start at this regatta … nah . But race 1 I was able to escape right which I thought would be favoured and it was… she was on at the top mark as guy rolled in to windward at the bearaway mark … dodging upside down boats at marks became a regular hazard today. Sending it down the waves was fun and even when you had a bit on with the odd big roller wave it was all controllable . The beats upwind were a grind out and in a classic hull vs fantasticas there is little fun to be had as you can’t do anything about their speed edge in those conditions. But I ground out the day .
Contradiction time – race 2 , 1st downwind I caught a 25-30 knt gust and flew off this monster wave … not a lot of control there just kept it upright as it landed in the trough of the wave then it buried the nose in the next wave … faark I said .
Race 2 went the wrong side ( right ) of the first best and was up against it then .
Master slug out today between Marc , Maire and self with honours possible shared .
48th and 60 th to leave me 53rd.
Much better day for Andy and Josh with Andy winning race 2 and both top ten today . Andy up to 4th now with a very solid regatta .

Early start today had us back on shore about 2pm so time to sit in the sun and have Miguel bring me a beer .. then it might be nap time