Boom !!!!!!

Wind was on today along with the waves … 18-20+ knots of wind and 2-3 metre seas with the odd monster wave !
Talked shit with Brendan and Ed (Wright ) and drank coffee and out with Brendan I went . Few sessions of straight lining had me chomping Brendan’s fantastica to bits in my shitty classic . Suck on that Luca . Downwind home we went I wasn’t interested in rolling the boat in that seaway with no rescue boat so just pottered my way home, then Ed comes out for a spin and a photo shoot …. aha I say let’s gave a go . Upwind we go , spit out Brendan and cling on to Ed a fair bit . I wasn’t unhappy in an inferior boat in that wind so went home downwind decided to send it down the waves – awesome , sun on your back letting it rip … fell off this monster wave of 4 odd metres …. Jesus I though am I going to land ever … heart in the mouth stuff !!!

Going into the harbour entrance in a sea like today is an experience… pick you moment and drop the hammer .

First time this week I’ve felt well and strong and shit it felt good . Taken me 5 days to get over the travel , glad I invested the time .Can’t wait for Monday .

Observations.. these guys are sailing fantasticas like classics, pointing like a classic and expecting the hull to do the work . The way Karl and I sailed those boats ( as Rafa does) is to drop the nose 2-5 deg and drop the hammer , the boat skips and then it’s in the groove and height comes later .
Fk I wish I had one here especially in today’s conditions.

So a good day today and a lot of fun

Blowing 30 + tomorrow so off to Palma to be a tourist .. quiet sail Sunday morning and boat check and then I’m done ✅

Ahhh Palma

Predict wind said 15-18 sea breeze and that’s what we got – hike hard day !
Went out early to give the WB light sail a spin and see how high I could carry it … 12 knots Raymond. Good sailing for a while and then joined the sprint races with “ some quality sailors “ according to josh … Giles and the GBR boys , Paine , nick the Dutch kid , Jorge ( 2013 gold cup winner ) and the josh and Andy show . Sail right out of range and in a classic was good upwind but lost a little down wind . A new M1 to come .
Surfing down 1.5 m waves in 15knts with the sun on your back … it doesn’t get better.

Rafa went out in Olis boat 1 & 2 I think … he looks like a master , limps like a master but shit he can still sail .

Found my after sailing spot for a beer and feed … cheap and the waiter knows me now …. the pros go and have a press up competition I think .
20 knts tomorrow for my last training session and then it’s gonna nuke on sat and Sunday so sightseeing and biking for me !

Charters fking charters

The good thing about chartering a boat is you turn up and it’s there …. that’s where the happiness ends … you have to discover how the owner sets up the control ropes and then you have to tune and then you break shit ( today was break shit day ) jc strap , racket block …. Santa Maria . Still with old M1 up in a light hiking breeze it was ok – until I yanked out the ratchet block . A day for the WB but still learning to trust the forecast and for 3 days in a row predict wind was spot on

I telll ya this is the most stunning place to sail – 10-12knots with a nice swell – just glamour … this is the place for the Masters !

Plenty of cash spent on fantasticas here – guess we are at the start of the Olympic cycle as the pretenders try their luck .

More wind tomorrow and Friday then it’s going to nuke on the weekend- perfect time for registration and sightseeing. Who knows what next week will bring

Day 2 – same shit less wind

Glorious day for everything but sailing is seemed. Sunny still morning and a bike was found … it seems the average german tourist turns up and just pays the rental price whatever they ask ….. not rangi from the far north … 120 euro for 2 weeks for a high spec MTB …. nope rangi says … 80 euro …. 5 mins later and the Ngapuhi / Te Roroa charm breaks down the dusky Spanish senorita and we have deal at 80 euro … ah ha !!!

Off for a drift around with the Aussies and Andy – wind came in for decent hike and free pump and that was it . On the treadlee and a bike on the water front .

Speaking of biking – apparently this is a German cyclists dream and given the number of old fat krauts in Lycra you would believe it – some things cannot be unseen .

Supposed to be light tomorrow and ramp up Thursday and nuke sat so a couple of more days of training then I think sightseeing will be in order


Training day 1

Well sports fans there are times when you think they’re travelling to a foreign place for sale seems a good idea and I can tell you for a fact that Palma so far has been a great idea. Found the boat in the boat park amongst trillions of skiffs and other toys. Spent a few hours rigging it ( boy the Gbr boys have no excess lines on their boats everything is measured and cut to the mm) .
Off back to the digs for some lunch and then a shakedown sail . Sun was out and the wind was on but very patchy is it was coming over Headland .
The Westerly seems like it may be the predominant wind as it is too cold for sea breeze . The forecast is moderate for the rest the week so should be good training. By the time I got out to the race area The Aussie team were doing sprint races with the coach Rafa. I joined in and the ball tampering , under arm bowling convicts decided to call it a day . Luckily the top Spanish guy was out and we did some speed testing which found me lower and slightly faster but is the wind was so patchy it was difficult to have a full reading. Downwinds home after a couple of hours was so much fun in the big waves. Ran into John Culter and the boys apparently arrive tomorrow so we should get out in the water later in the day. Side note I don’t think John was overly excited that Josh may have been skiing in the Alps. Oops did I mention that .

Found an old rustic gym and for €10 a week money well spent. Off to rent a mountain bike for the two weeks I’m here tomorrow which will be awesome so I can explore the area and not have to walk back and forwards to the club and digs. Big bowl of pasta tonight on the water front … with a pint

Santa Maria it doesn’t get much better

Juan Ray

And we are off….

So a 5hr layover sounds ok when you book it ….. but when you land at Singapore around midnight NZ time it’s not so funky . But as luck and google would have it I found the lounge with an outside pool and a small gym. So for the princely sum of $17 Singapore dollars I had a good work out and the lazed in the outside pool in 31 deg … a shower a change of clothes and new man I feel … wandered around the terminal and found a decent chop suey … still have an hour till they board us but with a sleeping pill at hand a sleep on the 13 hr hitch to Barcelona beckons me .
New bag packing technique for this trip – a new 160 litre duffel bag easily kept my 2 sails , tools , sailing wet gear and work shit under 24 kg

A small trolley carry on for my actual clothes ….there’s always cheap clothes shops

2 days in Barcelona coming up to recover from the trip then it’s out to Palma and the fun starts !